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Hometown: Eagan, MN

Noelle Rude

Enterprise Information Governance Leader, Thrivent

What problem(s) are you working to solve?
How to help people at Thrivent find the data and information they need, when they need it, for better decision-making.

What makes the Minneapolis and Saint Paul region (MSP) a great place to grow your career?
Thrivent’s mission really aligns with how I want to see the world. The people working here are great, and the opportunities to branch into new areas in the data and information management space are growing. Thrivent needs people who can think creatively about how to modernize Thrivent’s products and technology, which will translate into helping people to be wise with their money, so they can live generous lives.

What do you think surprises people about MSP?
How much art, culture, theater, food and history we have here. Also, that “Minnesota Nice” isn’t a myth—people here are some of the most generous, giving people that I’ve met anywhere. Finally, that it doesn’t matter how hot, cold, snowy or rainy it gets—people will get their “outdoors” on any time of year.

What advice do you have for women engineers starting in their careers?
If you are passionate about what you do, driven, humble, and always working to learn more, you will find success. Also, if you aren’t working at a job or a company where you feel valued and have the opportunity for continuous learning and growth, then leave. It may feel like a really risky decision at the time but have faith. There are many companies in the MSP region that will support you in these ways. You just have to be open to it! Lastly, NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK!

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