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Hometown: Louisville, KY

Katlyn Temple

Sr. Software Engineer, Target

What problem(s) are you working to solve?
My team focuses on providing ideas and inspiration to guests and invoking the feeling of being at Target outside of the physical store.

What makes the Minneapolis and Saint Paul region (MSP) a great place to grow your career?
There are a ton of great companies here that bring diverse talent and career opportunities to MSP.

What do you think surprises people about MSP?
The activities! There’s always something to do in MSP—surprisingly even in the winter. People really take advantage of the amazing weather we get in the summer months and still find reasons to get outside in the winter. There are fantastic music and food scenes here as well.

What advice do you have for women engineers starting in their careers?
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Work environments are much different than school. There are going to be things that you don’t understand and that’s OK. Find good mentors and treat every opportunity as a learning experience.

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