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2017 Make It. MSP. Summit

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MSP Hello Ambassadors

How have you made authentic connections in the MSP region?

What does an inclusive workplace and community look like to you?

Where have you found culturally-specific spaces in MSP?

What’s your favorite outdoor summer activity in MSP?

What local event are you looking forward to this summer?

What’s the best kept secret about summer in MSP?

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What about MSP do you brag to your friends about?

What is the best way to spend Valentine’s Day in MSP?

What is your favorite Winter 4Play memory?

Where do you turn for professional development?

What is your favorite snow day activity?

What’s the best kept dining secret in MSP?

How do you get involved in making your community a better place?

What are some organizations that make MSP feel more inviting?

How did you discover your favorite MSP park?

Winter, spring, summer or fall. What’s your favorite?

Describe your favorite month to be outside:

Tell us the best things about MSP at night:

What’s your favorite thing to do in the winter?

Where do you shop for unique cuisine?

What’s the best theater show you’ve seen here?

Which MSP event is a can’t miss?

Tell us about your daily commute—how do you get to work?

Why do you like your job?

What’s surprising about the professional community in MSP?

How did you find your job?

What were you looking for in a neighborhood when you found yours?

What do you love most about your neighborhood?

List three places close to your home you can’t live without:

Where do you take friends when they come to town?

Why is MSP different than other places you’ve lived?