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Hometown: Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom


“To really cover all that I love about MSP, I would need to write an essay. This place is brilliant.”

Anna Hall

Senior Finance Business Partner, Smiths Medical

Anna Hall started with Smiths Medical a decade ago and an ocean away in the U.K. As a Senior Finance Business Partner, Anna is proud to work for an organization that improves the lives of patients across the globe. As a mother, she is thrilled to have found a home community where her family can enjoy the outdoors year-round (yes, even in the winters!).

Q: How long have you been with Smiths Medical, and when did you move to MSP?

I’ve been with Smiths Medical for 10 years now, and moved with my family in August of 2016 for a new position at the company’s global headquarters in Minneapolis.

Q: That’s a great tenure at Smith Medical – Have you moved roles since you started?

Yes, I have been lucky enough to work in various finance roles and locations – I actually started at the Ashford, Kent office in the UK. The opportunities to move both laterally and vertically in your career is a great advantage of working within a large, multi-national company.

Q: Why did you decide to join the Med Tech/Med Device industry?

I love that the work we do helps make the world better place. The technologies we deliver save and protect lives, and that is truly rewarding.

Q: Moving to the U.S. must have been a big change for you and your career. What has surprised you most since about your own journey since moving here?

I was worried about that in order to get recognized you need to “know” people, but that was far from reality. What really counts is your commitment and passion in all you do!

Q: What was your impression of the medical industry in MSP prior to moving here, and how did that align or conflict with what you’ve found since moving?

I was not aware of how extensive the Med Tech industry is here. People in the industry are constantly crossing paths between different Med Tech companies and skillful people are always being sought after to join new teams. It is constantly evolving, growing, and adapting to the needs of our patients as well as the industry at large.

Q: Once here in Medical Alley, what surprised you most?

What surprised me the most was the amount of parks and green spaces, and how family-friendly the area is in general. I love the communal playgrounds, especially ones in Elm Creek, Maple Grove Central, and Haylands. Also, I was pleasantly surprised on how much attention is put to children activities and the huge amount of the after school enrichment programs.

Q: Coming from overseas, what had you heard about this place?

Initially from what I had heard, I was pretty worried about the winters in Minnesota. But it turns out that it has been fantastic. Together with the kids we have managed to learn skating, skiing, and sledging! Also, there are so many indoor activities that you will never get bored. Summers are just fantastic as well, with so many lakes and places to go.

Q: Did you move here with family or have any connections in MSP before you moved?

I did not know anyone before I moved, so initially is was a struggle to meet new people outside work. Now I have met few people from kids’ school and after-school activities which have become friends, and the people and neighbors have made us feel welcome from the start. In order to adapt, based on my experience, I would advise newcomers to be open to try new things and have fun with it!

Q: What would you tell people considering moving here?

Do not hesitate to move over. It is a great place to raise family and while also pursuing a career at the same time. And not forgetting, people are awesome here. Very metropolitan as well! 

To really cover all that I love about MSP, I would need to write an essay. This place is brilliant.

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