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  • Started at Wells Fargo working as a teller
  • Moved to MSP from New York with family in 1999
  • Emigrated from south of India with an educational background in Physics
  • Lives in Oakdale, works in downtown Saint Paul
  • Very active in the community as a volunteer with Chinmaya Mission Twin Cities

Profile: Sailaja (Shyla) Nambury, Wells Fargo

Private Banking

Q: Describe your role now at Wells Fargo. What energizes you about the work you’re doing there?

A: I am a Private Banker with Wells Fargo Private Bank in St. Paul. I work as part of a team to help meet high net worth clients’ comprehensive wealth management needs. In my role, I specialize in developing and implementing tailored credit, deposit, and cash management strategies for clients.

I am so proud to be part of Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is one of the largest employers in MN with more than 20,000 team members*. Wells Fargo’s commitment to community, customers and team members are second to none. Diversity and inclusion is one of the guiding key values in our company. In 2017, our team members volunteered a record 2 million hours and contributed $85 million to 40,000 nonprofits*. United Way Worldwide recognized our annual Community Support Campaign as the largest workplace-giving campaign in the U.S for the ninth consecutive year. At Wells Fargo, I am empowered to do what I am passionate about every day.

Finance can be very complex. Life is too busy – we tend to put things away for a later time. But major life events could happen unexpectedly. If I can take away one stress from my clients, that would be how to deal with the complexity of finances.  I build a team of professionals for my clients.  When my client says, “Shyla, if something would happen to me, my wife knows she can call you and she will be taken care of.” This gives me immense job satisfaction.

Q: How did you make the leap from physics and quantum mechanics to banking? 

I love interacting with people. We all walk around with untold stories. It may take only a question or comment for someone to open their life’s book to you! Life is amazing and it is fascinating to see the world through their eyes; there is so much out there! Be open and receptive. You will know at the end that the story was worth hearing.

I utilize all of my educational background to communicate with virtually anybody. I am naturally curious about people allowing me to meet clients on a personal and emotional level consistently. I enjoy what I do and very passionate about helping my clients to reach their goals and objectives.

Q: Who welcomed you to MSP when you moved here?

My husband’s aunt and family welcomed us to MSP. All I had heard about Minnesota was that it is a frozen tundra for about 8 months of the year! That it “could snow in any month with “R” in it.” “Are you crazy to move to MN?” etc.

I landed in MN in August of 1999. I was amazed at the people. They are friendly unlike the New York experience I had prior to moving here. The people made a huge difference. For example, my son used to come home from his baseball games in tears wondering why his grandparents were not there to cheer for him. When I was telling the story to our neighbor Mrs. Martin, she said “I am your American grandma, and I will be there to cheer for you.”

I was amazed at the four seasons we have here. That was new! Time flies here. I couldn’t believe how fast the plants blossom, have fruits, shed leaves and get ready for winter. There are also many places to visit and explore. I am still exploring different parts of the state and continuously amazed at the beauty of the Land of 10,000 lakes. I love our walks in the regional parks. Nature is so beautiful here.

Q: You were recently chosen to participate in a national Wells Fargo training program. How is that training equipping you to grow?

I was one of the 10 internal candidates chosen from different parts of the country for a special, 7-month training program called Building Exceptional Talent. This training educated me on the wide variety of resources available for our Private Banking clients.

Our team graduation ceremony was in Minneapolis. My peers from all around the country gathered here and were amazed at the city! Some of them visited the Mississippi Headwaters and of course Mall of America. They had a lot of fun while they were here.

Q: You’re quite active in the Indian community here in MSP. Do you think people would be surprised by everything that’s happening here?

I really think that people would be amazed at the vibrant and diverse community we have here. We have so many cultural festivals here, including Festival of Nations which represents nearly 100 ethnic groups at the River Center. India Day at the Capitol is attended by approximately 20,000 people.

I am from the Indian community and amazed at the opportunities I have here. I can just be myself! There are approximately 50,000 Asian Indians living in MN. We have temples, churches and mosques for one’s spiritual growth. There are several non-profit organizations like India Association of MN, Chinmaya Mission Twin Cities, Isha Foundation, Art of Living and many regional organizations representing different parts of India. There are many Indian dance, drama and music schools in MSP.

The diverse array of restaurants and grocery stores is also surprising. World-famous artists from India frequently come to MSP and perform here. There is something for everyone.

Q: What advice would you have for someone considering a move to MSP?

I have heard that MSP is becoming a second Silicon Valley. We have large corporate headquarters like 3M, Medtronic, Optum, etc. here and the presence of large banks like Wells Fargo. In addition to that, we have many start up medical device companies and other innovations happening right in our backyard. Opportunities are everywhere.

We have the talent and resources here. The state has had a great reputation for the education system – elementary schools through grad school. This is one of the best places to raise children, no doubt. Many of my relatives and friends are moving back to MSP just to raise their children here. We have professional teams in every major sport. There is great hiking, clubs, museums, food festivals, green space and so much more. MSP has everything to offer.

It truly is the best place to be – whether you are looking for an 18-hour city or just want to spend time with family.

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