George Floyd was a newcomer to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region, moving from Houston, Texas to seek opportunity. This community failed Mr. Floyd absolutely. The actions of the police, committed in broad daylight and observed by many, showed a disregard for human life that fails every moral standard and reveals deep, pervasive racism directed at Black people.

Many in our region and across the country have been too willing to accept these chilling injustices. We bear a responsibility to act. This responsibility existed before the events of this week; the urgency has never been greater. Black leaders throughout the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region are sharing important calls to action, including from organizations like the Black Visions Collective, NAACP, African American Leadership Forum, the Center for Economic Inclusion, and many others.

Make It. MSP. team members recognize injustice and inequities experienced by our Black neighbors, as well as Latinx, Asian-American, and Indigenous communities and all people of color throughout our region and state. Some of those individual experiences have been shared through the BE MSP team of Make It. MSP.  But much more bold action needs to be taken to advance racial equity and justice in this region & the country.

Make It. MSP. team members work in partnership across their organizations. These teams of partners will share more as they come together in the days and weeks that follow. In the immediate term, we encourage individuals across our network to consider these calls to action shared by Black leaders. Each of us can work to honor George Floyd by learning more, speaking out, and taking action to build a more equitable and just future.

This post from our partners at the University of Minnesota Alumni Association does a terrific job of rounding up resources and linking to community organizations that can be supported, as well as the George Floyd Memorial Fund.

Additionally, many organizations are already working to help rebuild neighborhoods. There are many other ways to volunteer and donate. We will share opportunities via social media.

  • The Lake Street Council will donate 100% of donations directly to small businesses and nonprofits in the Lake Street community
  • The Midway United Fund will help Union Park and Hamline-Midway residents and small businesses to improve or maintain the community
  • The Northside Funders Group will support businesses impacted by demonstrations in North Minneapolis

Members of Minnesota’s technology community are working together to keep a live aid map to track donation opportunities and sites across the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region.

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