Where do you go for authentic cultural experiences?  Where do you go to find and build community?

BE MSP’s new MSP Cultural Spotlight series helps shine a light on existing culturally-relevant spaces, places and amenities across the Greater Minneapolis-Saint Paul region (MSP). It is our hope that by doing so, individuals will be able to create new connections in spaces that celebrate and elevate diverse cultures.


What’s in the issue:

Local Food Spots to Explore

Coming together over food is a powerful way to build community, unwind, and enjoy each other’s company. Likewise, culinary traditions have long been an important way to celebrate families and communities during significant milestones. This section features several food options to check out with your friends or coworkers as you explore culinary experiences across MSP.

Spaces for Events & Connection

It’s important to have spaces where you can connect with others and build community. Doing so can help to break away from feelings of isolation, inspire creativity and expression, and serve as a reminder that it’s important to prioritize social connections beyond the confines of the workplace. This section features an array of art, creative, and community spaces crafted specifically by and for people of color.

Tools to Stay Updated

Digital spaces provide opportunities to learn the latest from across the region and get plugged into the many assets here. In this section, MSP Cultural Spotlights feature Facebook groups, meetups, and other digital communities to help people get connected to events and opportunities.

The BE MSP team and our partners gathered this content from diverse communities across MSP. We want to hear from you, too. This is the first edition of what will be a seasonal series and we would love to hear what places, spaces, and experiences across MSP help you feel at home.

Download the first MSP Cultural Spotlights and share your suggestions for the next edition by sending an email to bemsp@makeitmsp.org!

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