The Minneapolis-Saint Paul Winter Guide will help you survive and thrive during the 2021 snowy season 

Weather Lingo

People who don’t live in Minneapolis-St. Paul share a common description of the winters here: cold. But in the Twin Cities, you’ll hear phrases such as wind chill advisory, wintery mix, and sleet.

In his book “How to Talk Minnesotan“, Howard Mohr says “If you can’t carry on a conversation about the weather in Minnesota, you might as well pack your backs and head back to where you came from.” So best brush up on your terminology. Check out our winter lingo glossary for some much welcomed clarity.

Dress Like You Mean It

Come winter, bundling up isn’t just a style, it’s a way of life. If you’re looking for ways to bring some fashion to all those layers of function, check out this article to discover great tips and visit the full Winter Guide to find trendy outfitters where winter goods abound.

Stock Up

Just like most sports, Minneapolis-Saint Paul winters require essential gear. The good news is that you can stock up on what you need just about anywhere in the region. Check out this list for details on indoor, outdoor and car preparations.

On the Move

Winter may slow folks down from time to time for safety reasons, but it rarely stops us from getting where we want to go. Whether you choose to bike, walk, bus, lightrail, or drive to work, we’ve got a few tips and tricks – like this winter parking guide for the City of Minneapolis (Saint Paul has one, too!).

Events and Festivals

Although things are looking virtual this season, there are still ways to celebrate this winter. In fact, that’s when some celebrations come to life. Though there are activities, events and festivals happening all over the city throughout the winter that you can enjoy while following COVID-19 guidelines, there are a handful of quintessential experiences that only happen right here in Minneapolis-Saint Paul – including the Great Northern Festival!

Sports in the Winter

Some enjoy the sidelines while others want to dive right in. For the latter, winter is the perfect time to seize the cold and enjoy some of our most beloved recreations. From sledding and ice fishing to skijoring and fat biking, some sports are more common than others, but all are embraced in Minneapolis-Saint Paul. Let’s get you started by introducing you to some of the best sledding in the metro!

Not sure what to make of MSP winter culture? See a few of our greatest (and quirkiest) traditions in action.

Have other questions?

Happy exploring!

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