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Since its inception, the BE MSP team, has served as a cross-sector effort dedicated to helping people of color connect and find a sense of (be)longing to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul (MSP) region. It formed in response to data showing that our region is not retaining professionals of color at the same rates as white professionals.

To better understand this gap, in 2016, we conducted a survey of 1,200 professionals of color asking about their experiences living and working in the MSP region. The survey results revealed key themes including perceptions that a) current workplace inclusion programs were not effective, and b) that there was a lack of culturally-specific spaces and events in the region.

Over the past three years, numerous partners through the BE MSP team as well as within hundreds of individual organizations have used the survey insights to take action. We’ve discovered solutions and have seen that retention is actually improving. Even still, we’ve also reinforced that there’s no silver bullet to improving retention of people of color. Specific, intentional solutions are needed to drive real change.

This follow up 2019 survey is about identifying more of those solutions. We know that individuals and organizations across MSP are putting real solutions to work and seeing results. We need your voices to share examples of what’s working – however big or small a solution.

Help us build a region that is more diverse, equitable and inclusive.

By taking the survey, you will not only have the chance to share your experiences to improve the region for people of color – you’ll also have the opportunity to enter to win a $50 Visa gift card.

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Note: We acknowledge and celebrate that there are many dimensions to diversity. The work of Make It. MSP.’s BE MSP team specifically focuses on the unique experiences and challenges of people of color in response to data showing that our region does not retain white professionals at the same rate as professionals of color. While this survey and work are intended to elevate and address the specific needs of people of color, it is our hope that the solutions will contribute to building more inclusive spaces for all people. 

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