Here’s my big, bold claim: 1 night at a show with friends > than any number of likes a photo gets on Instagram.

OK – maybe that’s not so bold, but the sentiment is there. We’re happier as human beings the more we explore our cities, attend unique events, and see great shows.

Unfortunately, we only attend a fraction of the events we’re interested in.

Why? Because event marketing for venues and event discovery for attendees are harder than ever.

Event Discovery is Laborious and Scattered

People typically aren’t aware of how cumbersome and tedious marketing an event can be. Here’s what one event looks like from the viewpoint of an event host:

  • Create an event on your ticketing site
  • Add the same information on your website
  • Add the same information to a Facebook Event
  • Add the same information to your Google calendar
  • Submit the same information to other calendars your audience visits

It’s a “spray and pray” approach that is both mind-numbingly tedious and frustrating to produce the desired results.

As an event attendee, it’s even worse. Looking for a fun activity has become a chore – searching multiple social media apps, email newsletters and event websites. Sadly, putting this much effort keeps more people at home.

Enter Dojour.

Dojour is an online calendar system saving event hosts and event attendees headache on every step.

We integrate with the most commonly used and effective event websites in a single platform.

For an event host, a single event created on Dojour will AUTOMATICALLY:

  • Sync to your website
  • Sync to a Calendar tab on your Facebook page
  • Sync to your Google Calendar
  • Sync to your Google My Business search results page
  • Sync to a link in your Instagram profile

We make the little things easy too, like:

  • Remembering your event locations
  • One-click duplication of old events
  • Easy sharing to external calendars

Dojour can save you 1-2 hours of your time in a single event posting experience. Imagine the time savings if you have 5, 10, or 20 events a month!

It’s Not Just a Tool. It’s a Network.

Dojour is not just a tool for events and calendars. It is also a social network.

Connecting people with organizations

With Dojour, your fans can subscribe to your calendar in the same way they subscribe to your Instagram feed. This is great for two reasons:

  1. They’ll automatically be notified when new events are added
  2. Whenever they’re looking for something to do, your events will be in their pocket

We’re big believers in NOT being pay-to-play. When your event is added, it will be available to each and every follower.

Connecting like-minded organizations

Often times, your org will share event information with other businesses like newspapers, magazines, and other affiliates.

If they’re not on Dojour, it is a very manual process to share the event information back and forth.

But if they are on Dojour, it’s as simple as a ‘Repost’. If any event information is updated by the host, it will automatically be updated for anyone who reposted it.

Who uses Dojour?

Organizations of all types take advantage of our calendars. Venues, breweries, museums, restaurants, cooking schools, crafting studios, non-profit organizations, and more.

So far, there have been 10,000+ events posted, 27,000+ subscriptions to event calendars, and lots of kind words from happy users.

Sisyphus Brewing uses Dojour for their taproom events and comedy club ticketing

We recently added on the use of their ticketing system because the Shopify interface wasn’t very user-friendly… Dojour is amazing because my staff can do it and I don’t have to have nightmares about the pre-bought, overbought, or wrong show day tickets. We haven’t had anyone purchase a ticket to the wrong show or event since we switched over.

The Happy Gnome uses Dojour for taproom events, special dinners, and Firkin Fest

Before Dojour, our website, Facebook page, and ticketing were never in sync. I found it frustrating to update them all for each event. Dojour does the work for me and it’s super easy to use.

Get started today for free!

Whether you host events or just like attending them, I think you should checkout Dojour.

It’s free to sign up and free to post events. We only charge an industry low fee when you use our ticketing system.

We’re adding more event hosts (and thus events!) each week. I sincerely hope we can help play a small part in selling out your next show or sparking your next great memory.

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to me at conor [at] dojour [dot] us

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