Share your experiences in our MSP HELLO Newcomers Survey

What makes you feel welcome or part of a community? How likely are you to stay in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul (MSP) region? How easy or difficult was it to find the resources you needed when you moved here?

These are just some of the questions we asked more than 750 newcomers back in 2016 to learn about the experiences they had when relocating to the MSP region. Since then, a passionate team of representatives from community organizations, companies, higher education institutions and associations have taken those insights and built Make It. MSP.’s MSP HELLO project to better welcome and connect newcomers to resources, communities and each other.

Three years later, the team is excited to dig a bit deeper and get specific. Whether you have recently moved to MSP or relocated here many years ago and took the first survey, we want to hear more from you. What was a lifesaver? What more could have helped? Who or what are you looking to meaningfully connect with?

By learning more about your experiences, we can continue to develop better solutions that meet your needs. Throughout 2019 and beyond, the team will take what you share and engage the community in creative and collaborative solutions.

Take the survey today and help us build a region that is more welcoming and inclusive.

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And if sharing your experiences to improve the region for newcomers isn’t enough of an incentive, you’ll also have the opportunity to enter to win gift cards from some of our incredible partners here in MSP.

If you’re looking for immediate opportunities to connect, please sign up for our MSP HELLO newsletter for events, resources and the latest efforts with the initiative.

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