People power the Greater Minneapolis-Saint Paul region. These people are solving real problems every day.

Solving real problems is how people in MSP have built some of the world’s most high-impact organizations, from dozens of Fortune 500 companies to many other globally leading institutions. The same is true in technology. Today, more than ever, MSP is the place to use tech to solve the world’s biggest problems.

Why Start Your Business In Minneapolis + Saint Paul?

A legacy of leadership is alive today in one of the nation’s largest tech hubs. ZipRecruiter called MSP the best place to start your tech job search. It’s one of Forbes’ Top 10 Rising Cities for Startups and home to the most Fortune 500 headquarters per capita. More than 136,000 people work in tech here in MSP. Check out a recent article from Forbes on why the midwest is best for investment if you’re interested!

People choose to Develop in MSP for many personal and professional reasons. Members of the local technology community describe “a very healthy level of competition and collaboration.” People use technology here to power some of the world’s leading food and water companies, health and medical firms, retailers, financial institutions, and much more. People also show up and get involved, creating some of the nation’s leading rates of volunteering, giving, voting, and more.

Arts Community In Minnesota

Jasmine Russell is one among thousands of people who chose to relocate to MSP to work in tech. Today, she is helping power one of the world’s most vibrant creative communities. Minnesotans invest more in the arts than anyone in the country, which makes MSP a Top 5 arts market in the U.S.

“We are leading the charge with creative innovation, creative funding, and how things are distributed,” says Jasmine, the co-founder and CEO of Monicat Data, a startup that helps power creativity across MSP.

Jasmine made the move to Minneapolis-Saint Paul from Indiana, and is one among thousands of people relocating to the region each year from surrounding states. The “Develop in MSP” series will share and promote many more stories like Jasmine’s with folks across the country, including audiences in nearby Midwest states.

Click here to discover Jasmine’s story and find others by visiting the “Develop in MSP” homepage. Additional stories will be shared throughout 2019.


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