Since the inception of the MSP-based Tech Cities event, Make It. MSP. partners have brought their projects and conversations on tech to the event, shaping insights like those shared in February’s Make It. MSP. Insights report, as well as projects of the MSP Tech team.

During March 2019, our team will return to Tech Cities for the latest gathering examining issues and opportunities here in the tech capital of the North. We caught up with Make It. MSP. partner Maggie Tomas of the Carlson School of Management to learn more about this year’s event.

Q: Tech Cities 2019 should be great, but with so much happening throughout this vibrant tech hub, why should folks take the time to go?

Maggie Tomas: There will be conversations and sessions that appeal to everyone. Anyone interested in tech talent, business innovation, or the ever growing tech growth space in Minneapolis-Saint Paul will get something out of this event that brings together business leaders, HR professionals, technologists, policy makers, and our emerging talent (students!) across the metro.

Q: We’ve explored different themes at the event over the years. What’s the theme this year?

MT: The focus is the intersection of tech and business.  We are fortunate to have a plethora of amazing tech events in town. Tech Cities focuses on how business and tech merge, because we have found that all business needs to be tech focused and our talent wants more discussion in this space.

Q: That sounds consistent with the themes we began to unpack at February’s Make It. MSP. Workshop. We’re glad to go deeper at Tech Cities. What makes the University of Minnesota a good place to hold these important conversations?

MT: The history of Minnesota tech is rich (check out Nick Roseth’s film DocuMNtary).  As the state land grant university that educates the bulk of our emerging talent and has top 10 ranked MIS and Computer Science programs it makes sense to hold the conversation at the Carlson School of Management and the University of Minnesota.

Q: It sounds like you’re all set for a full afternoon. If this is your first Tech Cities event, what should you expect?

MT: To learn, to engage, and to leave with at least 10 new contacts that grow your network, help your business, or support your mission.  Also, it is a great place to share insights with professionals and students who are passionate about the Minnesota tech industry and ensuring we have the talent to meet our needs.

Q: Great! How can we participate?

MT: That’s easy. Go to techcities.mn and join us on Friday, March 8.

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