We are proud to share that the Make It. MSP. initiative was a recent recipient of the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) Gold Award. At the IEDC annual conference in Atlanta, staff of the GREATER MSP Partnership were present to accept the award and connect with economic development peers from around the country and world.

Throughout the conference, individuals would ask the same question over and over again. “How are you able to accomplish all that you have with such few staff?” The answer was easy. We work as a partnership and accomplish all that we do because of these amazing partners.

Since its inception in 2016, hundreds of individuals and organizations have collaborated through the Make It. MSP. platform to make the Greater Minneapolis-Saint Paul region the best place for people to come, stay and thrive. In 2018, this was no exception as partners worked together to achieve amazing outcomes. To see what I mean, here are recent illustrations of partners collaborating through the Make It. MSP. platform:

BE MSP Workplace Inclusion Toolkit

Taking powerful insights from our 2016 professionals of color survey, with the aid of partners such as Sense Datum, LLC, The Forum on Workplace Inclusion, and the Greater Twin Cities YMCA, the BE MSP team developed a workplace inclusion toolkit designed to help employers in improving workplace culture. Guided by the direct experiences of professionals of color in MSP, the toolkit allows any organization no matter where they may be at in the journey to conduct conversations about inclusion through personal experiences. During spring 2018, a dozen cross-sector employers came together to put the toolkit to use in their organizations. Learn more about the toolkit and cohort by clicking here.

MSP Tech Team (Attracting Technology Talent) 

This year, the MSP Tech Team built on prior momentum to directly engage with thousands of tech professionals throughout the country. In September, the team brought the MSP story to Boston at an event held in partnership with the MinneAnalytics conference. Through this partnership, we were able to raise awareness of the MSP technology scene and share what it’s like to live and work here. Individuals at events like this and other places we engaged tech talent were even motivated to come visit as part of the Twin Cities Startup Week fly-in program. Attendees had a chance to see the region for themselves and consider relocation.

MSP HELLO Team (Welcoming Newcomers)

This year, the MSP HELLO team deepened its connection to community to build more meaningful connections among newcomers. To better connect newcomers and meet  people where they are at, the MSP HELLO team has been hosting monthly meetups in different cities throughout the metro. Through this series, each gathering has connected newcomers within a specific area to each other as well as to local resources and attractions. Check out our upcoming meetups at Pinstripes in Edina and the RAAS Local Market at the Mall of America in Bloomington.

Welcoming Summer Interns & On-Campus Recruiting

Our corporate partners strengthened their collaboration by joining together to offer a more robust welcoming and onboarding experience for their summer interns. Through Make It. MSP., 14 of our region’s top employers gathered 1,100 interns for a welcoming event at U.S. Bank Stadium. Interns were able to learn more about the region while meeting and connecting with other interns outside their organizational walls.

While there’s much more to recap from 2018 and to share in the coming months, we wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their time, energy, passion and talents they have contributed to the work of Make It. MSP. in 2018. It wouldn’t happen without you.

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