Young Professionals of Minneapolis (YPM) and the Make It. MSP. initiative first began working together back in early 2015 before Make It. MSP. had even launched. MSP “Makers” leaders from YPM helped to shape and grow the initiative and direct it on its path to building a region that not only works for everyone, but is the best region in the world to work, live, and thrive. Fast-forward nearly four years and it’s incredible to see the outcome of that early work. Both YPM and Make It. MSP. have grown exponentially and are major players in making MSP more inclusive, diverse, innovative, and welcoming.

From the very beginning, the missions of Make It. MSP. and YPM have been aligned. Create a welcoming community and a space where amazing humans can come together, make meaningful connections, and grow with each other. We have hosted hundreds of events and facilitated countless connections together. Each of our efforts have been much stronger because of our ongoing collaboration.

These are just some of the reasons why we are so excited to share that in 2018 we have made our partnership official in order to continue our work of welcoming newcomers to our region in an even bolder way. Together with MSP HELLO, a project of Make It. MSP. dedicated to supporting people new to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region, YPM will continue to host amazing events and foster connections through social networking, professional development and community service. We look forward to working with Make It. MSP. through MSP HELLO to help make MSP the most welcoming region in the world!

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Dalton Scott is a passionate connector, community builder, and entrepreneur. Currently, Dalton is an independent recruiter and talent consultant for small tech companies, startups, and community organizations. He sits as President of the Board of Young Professionals of Minneapolis, one of the largest non-profit YP networking groups in the MSP region. LinkedIn
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