The GREATER MSP partnership launched the Make It. MSP. initiative to better attract and retain talent. The initiative succeeds when partners are empowered to follow data, share ideas, and work together on solutions. It’s why we are continuously working to challenge ourselves and build a better platform for action. As part of our efforts we share tools and insights that employers and other partners throughout the Greater Minneapolis-Saint Paul region can put to work. Earlier this month we published Make It. MSP. Insights: Volume 2 in an attempt to share more of the data and insights we have gathered during the first two years of implementing Make It. MSP.

This report analyzes our region’s performance attracting and retaining talent between 2012 and 2016, while following data to identify opportunities to improve on that performance. The report also includes examples of how Make It. MSP. teams and partners are already putting these insights to work to drive improvement.

In the report you’ll find how our region stacks up against peers, what talent and HR leaders in our network are experiencing in the market, what other people around the country think about our region, and why professionals of color say they are more likely to leave the region in the near future. You’ll also see examples of amazing people and organizations that are celebrating this place we call home while simultaneously working to make it better.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will begin to unpack this report for you in a variety of formats. Individual team members will share their interpretations of data and insights in the report, and we will feature conversations that explore intersections in the data. We consider this report a chapter in a longer conversation about opportunities to keep improving. And as additional data and insights are shared by us and other partners, we will add to the conversation and invite you to pitch in.

Get a Copy of the Report


To get a sense of the data and insights shared in this report, we’ve put together this overview webinar just for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more, share ideas, and take part. We look forward to continuing the conversation.


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