Popular opinion is that men don’t want to talk about relationships and women don’t really know what they want. Yet, at Dessert & Discussion that’s certainly not the truth! Some of the finest men in the MSP region give women a glimpse into the mind and hearts of men. Then the ladies add plenty of gems of their own. Add in some delicious desserts and a living painting capturing the conversation and you have an experience you will never forget. Affectionately known as The Love Engineer, I (Alex Merritt) facilitate the conversations and connections at each event. Dessert and Discussion started in California as a conversation amongst friends, and quickly became a mission to give individuals space to meet and a fun place to truly learn, enhance and/or spice up relationships. Dating can be daunting and relationships take work, yet nobody seems to know what exactly to do for relationship success. Everyone wants to be loved or at least have a winning chance at meeting someone new. So whether coupled or single and ready to mingle, everyone walks away with some gems that will help them take their love lives to the next level.  Who knows? You may also meet your soul-mate (we have had that happen) but at the very minimum you will enjoy some delicious cake and will make some new connections.


In 2018, I’m teaming up with the Make It. MSP. initiative to host a three-part event series. To improve the region for our diverse talent, the Make It. MSP. initiative is seeking to create more intimate, culturally-specific spaces for people to make more meaningful connections. We’re working together to explore how to build and sustain these types of gatherings so that we can all make the connections we’re seeking from our community.


We hope you’ll join us for one or all three events. Click here to learn more and register.


Visit our Dessert & Discussion site to get a taste and feel & check out photos from our last event.


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