A recent study by the Rockefeller Foundation found that 90% of women surveyed don’t feel confident asking for sponsors, mentors, a career path plan, a new role or position, pursuing job opportunities beyond their experience, or requesting a promotion or raise. It’s no surprise that women are still making at least 20% less than their male counterparts. A more encouraging statistic from the same study, was that 2/3 of women said they have learned the most important lessons about leadership from other women.

It’s not surprising that women have been organizing together for centuries to support and uplift each other. Because when women come together, we make magic. We are powerful in building networks, communities, and coalitions. Women are stronger and can do the most good together. That is the founding principle for The Coven, a new community and workspace built for women by women.

The four founders all came from the local advertising industry, working our way into leadership positions and championing diversity and inclusion initiatives in our respective agencies. But when the system is not built for women, it’s difficult to make even incremental change. Like women in every industry, we found ourselves wanting to make a bigger impact and connect more women to the resources, networks, and opportunities to chase their dreams and give back to their community.

So we built the world in which we wanted to live- a space where women could collaborate and grow together personally and professionally regardless of background. In the first ten weeks of our crowdfunding campaign, we raised over $170K, proving the need for women to hold space together.

The Coven’s primary mission is to build a space where women and non-binary folks can enter as any version of themselves. At the core of our business is a 5-for-1 scholarship model, meaning for every 5 memberships purchased, we’re able to gift a membership to a woman in our community who needs access. In Minnesota, that means prioritizing communities traditionally left out of economic growth, including women of color, women and non-binary folks from the LGBTQ community, and differently abled women. We all have something to contribute to this community and benefit from sharing space together.

It’s a first of its kind space in the region, where women can work collaboratively, grow in community, and practice self-care all under the same roof. Conveniently located in the North Loop, The Coven is accessible by bike, bus and light rail, with street, surface and ramp parking nearby.

The Coven opens in March 2018. Founding Memberships are available for purchase on our crowdfunding campaign through ifundwomen.com

(Pictured above are Coven co-founders Alex West Steinman, Bethany Iverson, Erinn Farrell, and Liz Giel)

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