If you’re working to attract, retain, or elevate talented people at your organization you know it’s a team sport. From strong leadership to committed peers, you need to work together and rely on others to succeed.

We believe attracting and retaining people to a community requires an amazing team – one with an even more diverse array of skills and experience. Our community transcends the walls of our organizations, so the work requires unlikely alliances. An artist and an employee engagement manager. A recruiter, a film producer, and a technologist. A diversity and inclusion practitioner, an entrepreneur, and an improv troupe. You’ll find these pairings through Make It. MSP.

Because as hard as we all work, there’s so much we can’t learn, test, build, or scale on our own. The Make It. MSP. initiative was designed not as a new program, but a neutral ground where leaders from different organizations, even competitors, can come together, make mistakes, and produce solutions that help us all succeed.

We’ve titled our second annual summit You Make It. MSP. because the work being produced through this initiative is being driven by people like you that bring a challenge to the table and find real value to take back to your organization or your community. And those individual successes add up to something bigger. On October 27 leaders throughout this initiative, working at Fortune 500 corporations, governments, foundations, startups, in the arts, in education and beyond will share what they’ve built and what’s on deck.

Different partners in Make It. MSP. have found different value from the initiative – whether research that informed a business decision, a tool that saved time for a team member, or an alliance that unlocked new opportunity.

For example, this summer 11 organizations collaborated to help hundreds of summer interns discover MSP. This fall many top employers of tech talent teamed up to sell technologists on a move to Minnesota. And all year organizations have been partnering to do things like welcome newcomers, recruit graduates, and elevate professionals of color. You’ll learn about this work and much more.

If you’ve taken part already we hope you will join us on Friday, October 27 to see how your effort is adding up to something big. And if you’re not already connected, we invite you to join us. Our team hopes you’ll take advantage of what your peers and neighbors are producing, share ideas that will help us improve, and help to make it happen.

You can register for You Make It. MSP., our annual summit, below or by visiting Eventbrite.

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