When women leave careers for an extended period of time, some of them get stalled on corporate off-ramps. A Boston-based company is expanding to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region to help local women rejoin the work world in key business roles.

I founded reacHIRE in 2013 to help identify qualified women who want to return to work, vet them, and provide short training sessions focused on business, technical and leadership skills so the women can retool.

The Minneapolis-Saint Paul region is the fifth U.S. metro where reacHIRE will be vetting candidates and conducting training. We are actively promoting reacHIRE in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region for current ‘return to work’ roles at Fortune 500 companies AND resume info sessions. We encourage women and local companies to check out these resources and share with your networks.

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Addie Swartz is the founder and CEO of reacHIRE. She has spent her career building mission-driven companies  to empower women.

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