Jake Laws is a IT TAP Associate at Land O’Lakes originally from Naperville, IL. He lives in the Uptown neighborhood in Minneapolis.

What surprised you most about the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region?

Never coming to Minnesota before my internship I was most surprised by how beautiful and lively of a city Minneapolis was. Along with that, there is such a wide variety of cool things to do every weekend throughout the city. From multiple lakes, nature parks, concerts, sports games, markets, shops, rooftop restaurants, and much more, there is never a boring weekend in Minneapolis.

Please share any highlights you experienced living and working in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region (specifically during your summer internship)?

My highlight of the summer was spending tons of the time at the lake, whether it was quick trips on nice days after work or long weekends on the beach or boat. The easy and vast access to beaches and lakes and other outdoor activities is really one of the things that makes Minneapolis so unique.

Describe any meaningful experiences you had during your internship.

A meaningful experience was getting a walking tour of Minneapolis that was sponsored by Land O’Lakes and getting to see all the unique buildings and places that exist in the city, along with all of the cool history that goes along with it.

What was it about the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region that made you want to relocate here?

The wide variety of having so many different places and experiences such as a college campus, multiple lakes and beaches, Uptown, and a massive city all within such a close distance really gives Minneapolis a unique feature that few other cities can compete with.

What advice do you have for future interns coming to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region?

Make the most of everyday here. Whether it be meeting new people, exploring a new place, or as simple as just going outside for a while, take full advantage of all the great things this city has to offer. You really will meet a ton of new great people and make some great memories.


Photo by Jon DeJong on Flickr

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