How are you doing? No, how are you really doing? Ever been asked this question? If you have, you know that whatever answer comes next includes an honest, authentic response that requires the type of self-reflection that most don’t typically experience in daily conversation.

Beta.mn recently asked this question, but in place of self-reflection, we asked Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area founders to take good, hard look at how we are really doing as a startup community.

With help from Make It. MSP, and with the generous distribution of many local startup support organizations, this two-part research study probed founders on topics including – strengths and weaknesses of the ecosystem, confidence in ones ability to succeed, types of businesses that are well suited for the area and more.

The results from more than 200 local founders show that though the area has experienced some incredible gains, we still have a lot of work to do. In the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem 2016 Temperature Check you’ll find details regarding how the study was conducted, who participated and the main themes from the data.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem 2016 Temperature Check (PDF) (Refresh the page if document does not appear)

Our goal in publishing this research is 1) to bring further definition to the assets and liabilities of our startup ecosystem, 2) to provide the community with tools to tell our story and 3) to inspire others to join Beta.mn, and many other amazing organizations, in our effort to improve our ecosystem for the benefit of our local founders.

worrel_headshots_bw-18Reed Robinson is a co-founder of Beta.mn – an organization improving the success rate of the Twin Cities’ top startup founders. He also serves as the Director of Sales & Marketing at Worrell, where he consults with the world’s top healthcare innovators in the areas of product development, user interface design and rapid prototyping. Before that, Reed co-founded and served as the Chief Product Officer of Heroic – an online service where friends & neighbors exchange recommendations of their favorite home service providers.

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