As I walked on thin sheets of ice during the cold winter months to a Break the Bubble event at LynLake Brewery, I didn’t know the experience would change the course of my life for the best!

Fortunately, I have always made friends easily. Unfortunately, making friendships in Minneapolis-Saint Paul was a bit more challenging. As a full-time graduate student and professional, I have opportunities to seek out friendships, but had a hard time sustaining them.

Breaking the ice in MSP

During this Break the Bubble, an event series to help adults make new friends, I met some of my best girlfriends. We travel together, challenge, and empower one another. As a newcomer, I would have never met these women, who have definitely impacted my life in such a positive way, if I had not attended Break the Bubble.


To share our friendships and experiences with the world, we collaboratively came together to start a podcast called My Token Friend — a space for us to talk about our experiences in the midwest being young women of color. If not for my fellow newcomers organizing Break the Bubble, I would have never met these woke, fly, nasty women!

Break the Bubble was created to solve a big problem: How do you make new friends in Minneapolis-Saint Paul? The team is a leading partner in the Make It. MSP. Newcomer initiative and will play a role in the initiative’s MSP Hello project in 2017. Learn more about Break the Bubble and other Make It. MSP. newcomer partners.

teekoTeeko Yang is Partner and Outreach Coordinator at Northern Lights.mn, a collaborative, interactive media-oriented arts organization and partner in the Make It. MSP. initiative. She is also a Master’s of Arts and Cultural Leadership Candidate at the University of Minnesota. You can keep up with Teeko at teekoyang.com and follow the new podcast @mytokenfriend.

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