Minnesota is much more than flyover country. It has a rich history, an incredible quality of life, Fortune 500 companies, startups, and more. The people of Minnesota are kind, intuitive, and help create some of the world’s most interesting products, services, and companies.

Yet, little is known about Minnesota. Especially a tech community that flies under the radar.

In April of 2015 I set out on a mission to change this.

DocuMNtary is a film project to build awareness of the technology community in Minnesota by telling the story of a robust ecosystem, a rich history, companies building tech today, and incredible people. It shows that Minnesota is much more than cold.


Why it’s important

We have a tremendous opportunity in front of us to build a major tech hub in the Midwest. That dream will be short lived if we don’t have enough skilled people to help us build the community and innovative companies. We must attract and retain talent in Minnesota.

How it can be used

The purpose of the project is to build awareness of this community. To show people both inside and outside of our community what we have going on here. People can help us share the story in several ways.

  • Share it with friends, family, by telling them to check out the film
  • Share on social media to a broader audience
  • Add a link on your companies website to show people the depth of our community
  • Tell people at conferences about the website and use the hashtag of conference to reach a broader audience
  • Share it with folks in your organization


During 2016 I’ve been part of the Make It. MSP. Tech Team working on new solutions to close near-term talent gaps. As we move forward, we continue to look for new ways to spread our story through the Make It. MSP. Initiative, company outreach, and community organizations.

I hope you will be a part of that by helping us share our story with others.

Learn more at documntary.com.

nick-rosethNick Roseth is a passionate technology leader that works at the intersection of business, creative, and technology. Over the course of a 15 year career in digital, he has touched design, development, marketing, management, leadership, and a host of other disciplines. Driven by lifelong learning, Nick is involved in the creative and technology communities on a variety of fronts. From personal education to educating others through advisory boards, speaking engagements, mentoring, and the recent DocuMNtary project, he continuously seeks ways to explore new disciplines and grow our creative and tech communities.

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