There is a lot to love about MSP.

That’s the truth and here are some facts.


Scott Fitzgerald is from St. Paul. He wrote The Great Gatsby. In the book Jay Gatsby calls people, “Sport.” Connecting the dots? Yes. We have sports. In fact, MSP is home of six professional sports teams and the facilities are great—How many other cities can say that? Not too many. Chicago, New York and Washington are the only other cities that have all six professional sports teams.  Not only do we have professional sports, but we have minor league sports too!

©2010 MN Twins/photo by Bruce Kluckhohn ©2010 MN Twins/photo by Bruce Kluckhohn

Professional and Minor League sports teams making MSP their home.

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Wild

Minnesota Twins

Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota Lynx

Minnesota United FC

Saint Paul Saints

Upcoming Sporting Events Coming Soon to MSP

Ryder Cup 2016

SuperBowl 2018

Final Four 2019

An aerial look at U.S. Bank Stadium’s progress

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