There is a lot to love about MSP.

That’s the truth and here are some facts.

Civic Engagement

Civic engagement is in our DNA.  We pride ourselves on working together to build a stronger community.  Our corporate leaders are committed to investing in the community.  Residents regularly volunteer.  In fact, MSP leads the country in the percentage of residents who volunteer.  An estimated $2.2 Billion of service and funds are contributed to the community each year.  On a per capita basis, each of us volunteers 36 hours per week – that’s one week a year.  It’s no wonder we have an amazing quality of life and strong institutions.  No matter what your passion is, you’ll find a way to Make It. MSP.

Want to get involved? Good. So do we. Simply put, the MSP area is filled with people who care and we’d like to prove it to you.

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