Say hello to summer in MSP

One of my favorite things about life in Minneapolis-Saint Paul is the four distinct seasons we enjoy here. Anytime I take it for granted someone will remind me how special that really is. Given our MSP HELLO project team was already holding quarterly, seasonal events to welcome new neighbors, last month we experimented with a new format in partnership […]

Stories of Our Newest Neighbors

There’s been no shortage of Make It. MSP. events of late, but something special was in the air as dozens of volunteers gathered at the Minnesota History Center to welcome more than 250 new residents and launch the MSP HELLO project. Thanks to partnership with the Minnesota Historical Society and Minneapolis Institute of Art and […]

Welcome home to Innovative MN

As a public programs specialist with the Minnesota Historical Society, I’m delighted that the MSP HELLO Welcome Hat series, a venue for newcomers to meet people and connect with resources that make the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area feel like home, will continue to host events at the Minnesota History Center. Our award winning museum, research library […]

MSP Hello

October marked a major turning point for the Make It. MSP. Newcomer Team. 2016 has been a year of research, data gathering and community building. We’ve counted more than 8,000 welcomes in the community, making significant progress on our public pledge. We also heard directly from more than 800 newcomers through focus groups and the […]

Newcomer in MSP? Break the Bubble!

As I walked on thin sheets of ice during the cold winter months to a Break the Bubble event at LynLake Brewery, I didn’t know the experience would change the course of my life for the best! Fortunately, I have always made friends easily. Unfortunately, making friendships in Minneapolis-Saint Paul was a bit more challenging. […]