#MakeItMSP Blog

Welcome! In this space we want to create a destination for people from Minneapolis-Saint Paul, whether you’re a newcomer, life-long resident or interested in making a move here, we’re hoping to show you all of the great things happening in our home. We’ll dive into the latest happenings in our joint initiative and throughout the region.

Recruiter Toolkit

The Recruiter Toolkit was established for Recruiters by Recruiters! Once people get here, they recognize all of the great things about this place, but sometimes it might take a little coaxing to get them here. That’s where we’ve got your covered. If it’s one thing we...

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Your Next Profile Picture May Be Waiting on Flickr

Always looking for that next perfect profile picture? Use one from a professional – with good lighting. If you’ve attended one of the Make It. MSP. events in the past year, ranging from Break the Bubble to our most recent Make It. MSP. Summit, we’ve probably got a...

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Makers Hub

Ever heard us use the term “Maker”? We’ll break that down for you! The Maker’s Hub is a coalition of community organizations that are upping their collaboration game. Together, with the makers, we’re working to align our missions around a shared commitment to making...

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The Roots of Make It. MSP. – The Talent Initiative

Make It. MSP. didn’t just happen overnight. It’s the culmination of years of partnerships, connections and meetings upon meetings to make sure we got this thing just right. And as continue to grow, we’re still meeting and creating new partnerships, but the beginnings...

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36 Hours in Minneapolis – New York Times

“Urban edginess, cultural authenticity, not to mention spiced meatballs in lingonberry sauce: the perfect formula for a weekend away.” – Jennifer Conlin, New York Times reporter. In August of this year, The New York Times featured a travel profile of Minneapolis and...

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