It’s a group that’s radically welcoming. We’re connecting people to experiences that make this place special, and we’re working together to make it even better. Shannon W

People make this region great. We come together in MSP to do big things. It’s one of the reasons why this is among the best places in the world to call home.

All of us want to make this place even better. The Makers Hub is a coalition of community organizations that are upping their collaboration game. Together, we are aligning our missions around a shared commitment to making MSP even more inclusive, welcoming, innovative, and globally connected.

We believe we can make tremendous impact by collaborating to achieve our shared goals. We have challenges to solve, but are ready to explore new ideas and partner to scale many of our region’s tremendous assets.

During 2016, the Makers Hub collaborative is starting in four specific areas, with teams of organizations working together to set and achieve specific goals and make regional impact.


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