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Why Make It. MSP?

Thanks for taking a look around our site and getting to know the Greater Minneapolis-Saint Paul region and its people.

Here’s some information about this site, the people behind it and some contact information in case you have questions for us or want to get involved: Make It. MSP. is a collective effort of Greater MSP, various makers groups and other involved community members who care about this little part of the world. The goal of Make It. MSP. is to create a destination for people who are considering making the Twin Cities their new home. We asked some questions and got answers from a good variety of locals and we hope you can see your life through the lens of theirs—and because our residents are a bit biased, we laid out some facts about MSP from third party sites as well. All in all, we think MSP is a great place to make it and hope you’ll join us someday soon.

We hope we’ve made you feel welcome, wanted and curious. Please be in touch with any questions.

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